Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Hangover: Driving After a Party

The Hangover: Driving After a Party

Most of us might not have a problem with a few drinks but the truth is many Americans over drink when going to a late night party. In the United States 21 is generally the legal age to purchase alcohol.  It can’t be any lower than that... Any state that lowers the alcohol consumption age will lose 10% of federal highway funding, up to $150 million in funds for any single state. Remember after an accident, call 911 then 411 PAIN.

In the 1970’s states such as Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana and Tennessee lowered the level of alcohol consumption to 18 years old. It didn’t last long though and it went back to age 21 in the 1980’s.  Underage consumption is allowed in some states under specified circumstances. About 9 States: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and West Virginia have no exceptions on alcohol usage laws.

You might be responsible for drunk drivers if you serve alcohol at your social event. Call 411 PAIN if any of your guests is driving under the influence. You shouldn’t continue to serve a guest after they're visibly intoxicated. It means their physical coordination and judgment are impaired. A minor should not be served alcohol. The best alternative is to host the event at a restaurant or bar licensed to serve alcohol. You can provide everything except the drinks, have a limit on drinks or else measure the amount of alcohol put into punches and mixed drinks. You may also want to encourage your guests to assign drivers or call a red cap. A red cap is a personal driver designed to drive your car whenever you need it.

Speak to your guests before they leave the event and make sure everyone gets home safe. 411-PAIN wants you to have a safe and fun party!