Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Famous Sun-shiners

Famous Sun-shiners

Welcome to Florida’s red carpet! 411 PAIN introduces you to a list of talented people that have stepped on our sandy soil. Hundreds of Musicians, writers, TV stars, scientists and sports players were born in our paradisaical sunny State. They are the ones that make of Florida an interesting place to visit and comfortable paradise to enjoy.

Among the lucky ones we have Johny Depp the actor, the film producer and musician everyone adores. Although the handsome actor was born in Kentucky, he was raised in Florida. We continue the list with Dave Barry Pulitzer–prize winning and bestselling author born in Miami, Gloria Stefan the Grammy award-winning singer raised in Miami, Anthony J Arduengo III the chemist-scientist who discovered persistent carbine born in Tampa, James J. Greco CEO and president of Sbarro born in Boynton Beach, Jymmi Wales founder of the Wikimedia Foundation born in St Petersburg, an American non-profit charitable organization which main mission is to provide content free of charge.

The following celebrities and countless others call Florida home: Oprah Winfrey in Miami Beach and Sarasota/Casey Key , Julia Roberts in Miami, Julio Iglesias in Miami Beach,  Matt Damon in Miami Beach, Celine Dion in Jupiter Island, Enrique Iglesias in Miami Beach, Beyoncé Knowles in Miami Beach, Ricky Martin in Miami Beach, Shakira in Miami Beach, Sammy Sosa in Coral Springs, Scott Stapp in Boca Raton, Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Tiger Woods in Jupiter Island, John Secada in Miami, Sylvester Stallone in Miami Beach, Chuck Norris in Naples, and John Travolta in Ocala.

From The Pirates of the Caribbean to The Ophrah Winfrey Show these talented stars make our sky shine brighter. This is something interesting to think about when you visit our sandy beaches. Be watchful, you might shake hands with one of them. 

Enjoy your stay in Florida! 411 PAIN wishes you a restful vacation.