Thursday, May 9, 2013

Driving After the Storm

Driving After the Storm

There are hundreds of hurricane-driving safety tips out there but very little or no information about how to drive after the storm. You will never see a bumper sticker that reads: How is my driving after the storm? Sadly, after having major storm insomnia your body begins to relax and trust your surroundings. Water begins to reside forming the annoying puddles which have the potential to damage your car. You might need to drive after a hurricane for safety issues or evacuation purposes. Be careful with downed power lines, fallen trees or any other blockages in the roads. If you suffer any injuries or damages while driving on the unsafe roads call 1-800-411-PAIN.

Exposure to water can harm your brakes. If rotors are hot they will definitely warp and your car will start vibrating. Also, only a small amount of water sneaking into the crevices of your engine can cause damage. The water gets into the cylinders where pistons compress the air. Water doesn’t compress, therefore piston rods will eventually bend to the amount of pressure. In other words, your engine is ruined.
 Remember after an accident, call 911 then 411 PAIN.

Something else to think about when driving after a storm it’s power lines. High winds and flooding rain can often destroy them. When everything is wet around power lines even non-conductive materials such as pieces of wood become a path for electricity. Metal security fences, poles, mail boxes and even standing water can also serve as vehicles for electricity.

The state of Florida has the longest list of hurricane occurrences. Around 488 cyclones have affected the sunshine state. These nasty storms happen all year round except on January and February. Key West and Pensacola are the two cities with most occurrences in Florida. However, major hurricanes made landfall on cities such as Miami Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Naples, Panama City and countless others.

Drive safely after the storm. Avoid tree branches and liter as power lines often get entangled in these branches. If you are a victim of a car accident, make sure you contact 411 PAIN.