Monday, September 17, 2012

411 Pain: Americas worst Drivers

This week Forbes published the list of the 25 cities with the worst drivers in the country, according to a study done by Allstate Insurance. The study says that the average American driver gets into a car accident once every 10 years. This year the title of  America's safest driving city, goes to Sioux Falls, South Dakota while the worst drivers for a second time in a row are located in our nations capitol, Washington, D.C.  Here is the list of the 25 top worst drivers in the country:

1.    Washington, DC                  14. Los Angeles
2.    Baltimore, MD                    15. Paterson, NJ
3.    Providence, RI                    16. Fullerton, CA
4.    Hialeah, FL                          17 Garland, TX
5.    Glendale, CA                       18 Elizabeth, NJ
6.    Philadelphia, PA                19 Bridgeport, CT
7.    Alexandria, VA                   20.New York, NY
8.    Newark, NJ                        21. New Haven, CT
9.    Miami, FL                           22. Torrance, CA
10.San Francisco, CA              23 Norfolk, VA
11. Jersey City, NJ                    24 .Yonkers, NY
12.Arlington, VA                      25. Arlington TX
13.Tampa, FL                           (source:

This list does not imply that all drivers are bad, it tells us these areas have a higher rate of accidents do to factors such as: weather, road conditions, traffic, number of cars per capita and socio cultural stress levels. Individuals who live and drive in major metropolitan areas, especially the ones on the list, have to keep a watchful eye not only in what they do, but also in the conduct of other drivers. 411 Pain understands that there are many factors that can cause an accident. Many car accidents are unplanned and others are caused from distractions that could have been easily avoided. At 411 Pain we recommend that no matter where you live and drive, obeying traffic laws and using your car’s safety features like turn signals, headlights, and avoiding distraction inside and outside your vehicle are all ways to be safer.

These statistics demonstrate just how car accidents can happen to any driver especially in crowded busy metropolitan areas. As a company dedicated to driver safety, 1-800-411-Pain strongly advises drivers to pay attention when driving and operating a vehicle. Even small distractions can lead to accidents.

For more of the latest information regarding accident statistics and driver safety, visit Robert Lewin, owner of 411 Pain, reminds you not to drink and drive, and to always wear a seat belt.

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