Thursday, August 30, 2012

411 Pain and Child Car Safety: Part 2

In the Garage or driveway

At  411 Pain we understand how important the safety of your children is, and we know vehicles can still be a danger even if they are not in them. In the US alone, every week, 50 children are injured due to vehicles hitting them while backing up. Unfortunately two of those are fatalities. In 70% of these cases the driver of the vehicle is a parent, grandparent, aunt, or older sibling. The best suggestion we can give readers is:

Backing In- When possible turn and back up on your way in to the driveway, so you can drive straight out when you leave, with a clear view of what's ahead of you.

Inside the Car
A car can still be very dangerous even if not in motion. Never leave your children alone in a car. There are many risks to a child's safety if left alone inside such as:

Heat stroke- To often do we hear of infants and children dying  from dehydration due to parents leaving them in the car, not only is it dangerous but can become a matter of the law.

Vehicle in motion-  Children are energetic and tend to play inside cars when they are bored. This can cause them to accidentally set the car in motion and find themselves in the middle of a busy road.

Power accessories- Having electric devices and heavy object inside the car with children can be a potential hazard to their health and safety.

Car crashes- Even if your car is not in motion children should not be inside if not necessary, another driver could collide into your vehicle harming the passengers who may not even be wearing a seat belt.

Kidnapping- Not very common but occasionally unattended children have been know to be taken from a vehicle.

Here are some suggestions that can reduce the chance of injuries and ensure child safety around vehicles

·      Keep vehicles locked at all times, even if its in your garage or driveway.
·      Don’t leave the vehicles keys within the reach of children.
·      Inform your children to never play in or around vehicles.
·      Make sure all children have left the vehicle after you park.
·      When a child is missing, check vehicles and trunks immediately.
·      If a child is locked inside a vehicle, get them out quickly.

At 1-800-411-Pain we emphasize the importance on child safety and educate parents so that they may teach their children the rules and safety precautions needed to be safe. At 411 Pain we believe in parents establishing the foundation for a lifelong habit of seat belt use every time your child travels. For more of the latest information on driver safety and accident news, visit 411 Pain news. Robert Lewin, owner of 411 Pain, reminds you not to drink and drive and to always wear your seat belt. 

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