Monday, July 16, 2012

Accident Involving Ferrari GTO
Leads to Most Expensive Car Crash Ever

Last December, eight Ferraris, three Mercedes and a Lamborghini collided on a freeway in Japan, causing an estimated four million dollars in damage. At the time, this was considered the most expensive car accident of all time. Last week this record car crash’s total cost in damages was topped by over thirty million dollars.
A Ferrari GTO, a car widely recognized as the Picasso of the motor-vehicle world, was involved in an accident in France. Only 36 Ferrari GTOs were made between 1962 and 1963. The car is worth an estimated thirty to thirty-five million dollars. The car’s owner, U.S. businessman Christopher Cox, was driving the vehicle during the 50th anniversary celebration of the rare model when he was hit by another car. No one was injured in the accident.
Though there was extensive damage done to a valuable vehicle, 1 800 411 Pain is pleased that no one was injured in the crash.
For more of the latest information on driver safety and accident news, visit Robert Lewin, owner of 1 800 411 Pain, reminds you not to drink and drive and to always wear your seat belt. 

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