Thursday, June 28, 2012

1 800 411 Pain’s
Commitment to Education

Lawyer referral service, 1 800 411 Pain, has become deeply involved in charitable events throughout the nation. While contributing generously to a broad range of various charities, 1 800 411 Pain has focused primarily on education. 1 800 411 Pain believes that every child deserves a fair start at life. Their goal is to help allow that to happen. This is why 1 800 411 Pain tends to focus primarily on underprivileged youths. They believe in giving children who would otherwise have little or no access to educational tools outside of school, the opportunity to acquire such tools. 

 1 800 411 Pain regularly sponsors local book fairs at which children are given gift certificates to purchase books. Otherwise, the majority of these children would be unable to purchase books. 1 800 411 Pain is proud of their devotion to the community and thankful to be in a position to make a difference.  

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