Monday, June 18, 2012

1800 411 Pain Settles Dispute Over Advertising

After several months of working to resolve a discrepancy with The Attorney General, 1 800 411 Pain has voluntarily agreed to settle outside of court. In spite of the fact that 1 800 411 Pain’s advertising practices were in complete compliance with The Florida Bar, the state’s governing body of legal services, The Attorney General continued to pursue an investigation. Upon completion of the investigation, no evidence of poor business tactics was discovered. Still, however, The Attorney General has continued to pursue actions against 1 800 411 Pain. With no other evidence of wrongdoing, The Attorney General flagged 411 Pain’s advertising practices.
Agreeing to settle the dispute outside of court, 1 800 411 Pain generously donated $550,000 to Broward County Healthcare Organizations, Broward General Medical Center and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. The money is to be split evenly between the two organizations, and will benefit pediatric trauma patients. Though frustrated with the route traveled, 1 800 411 Pain is pleased with the outcome. Any opportunity to help others in need is considered an appropriate resolution by 1 800 411 Pain.

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