Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hazardous Intersections

411 PAIN - Hazardous Intersections

Intersections can be overwhelming at times.  They remind us that we need some time off and inspire us to plan our next vacation.  Traffic lights changing and the constant noise of vehicles coming from every direction somehow invade our sense of privacy.  A variety of things happen at intersections.  There are enough stories to fill our news every day: people yelling at each other, car accidents, homeless asking for money, the lovely old man with a bright smile selling flowers.  It makes us think about how lost our world must be that the old and the forsaken wander in our streets begging for a chance to live while the younger crash into each other.  Dial 1-800-411-PAIN if you have been injured in an accident in the state of Florida.

The human brain can’t perform well when involved in too many tasks.  It can only do so many tasks at once.  Don’t let your guard down when approaching an intersection.  Look both ways and don’t run red lights.  The most common cause of intersection crashes is driving too close to the vehicle ahead and failing to yield to another car.  In order to avoid traffic collisions you must follow the traffic signals.  Sometimes, when traffic lights are not working properly or the red light is flashing, you must proceed with caution as if it were a stop sign.

You should always stay alert and avoid distractions when approaching intersections.  Distracted driving will definitely lead to accidents.  The most common distractions are texting and phone calls.  Both require your mental and visual attention which is indubitably needed to drive properly.  Other common distractions are applying makeup, eating, talking to people in the car, watching a video and changing a radio station.
Slow down before you enter an intersection.  Accidents that occur on these parts of the roads may cause severe injuries. Contact 411 PAIN at 1.800.411.PAIN