Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Three Car Accident Sends One to the Hospital
A three-car accident on April 30, 2012 sent one man to the hospital and left two drivers shaken, but uninjured. The accident occurred in Farmington, New Mexico. Officials say the accident was caused when Aberto Pineda, the driver of a Ford Mustang, failed to yield on a left turn. Pineda collided head on with Paul Bennett, who was driving a Dodge pickup truck. The impact forced Bennett’s truck into the side of a Dodge minivan driven by Debbie Tiley. Both Tiley and Bennett walked away from the wreck virtually unharmed. They attribute this to the fact that they were both wearing a seat belt and that their airbags correctly deployed. "They definitely made a difference," Bennett said. "Doesn't do nothing for the quiver though (daily-times.com)." Pineda was not as fortunate. Not only did he incur injuries in the accident, but officers say he will be summoned for failure to yield on a left turn. 1 800 411 Pain strongly urges anyone traveling in a vehicle to wear a seat belt. As was demonstrated in this story, seat belts have a proven record of saving lives and reducing injuries.  
1 800 411 Pain is a company dedicated to providing the most up to date information regarding accident statistics and driver safety. 411 Pain is a big advocate of safer driving practices. Their goal is to keep drivers informed of the safest possible driving trends in hopes of making the roads a safer place for everyone.
For more of the latest information on driver safety and accident news, visit www.411Pain-News.com. Robert Lewin, owner of 1 800 411 Pain, reminds you not to drink and drive and to always wear your seat belt. 

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