Thursday, March 22, 2012

411 Pain Gives Back To The Community

1-800-411-Pain has made huge strides since their start over 15 years ago. 411 Pain has gone from being a local business to a nationally recognized icon! They have recently expanded their coverage areas to over 15 cities and states nationwide. These areas include: Fort Meyers, Naples, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Ocala, West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucy, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, Minnesota, Memphis, Atlanta, and Colorado. 411 Pain is looking forward to servicing these communities just as diligently as it has the South Florida area for so many years.
411 Pain is appreciative of the success their community has helped them achieve and believes deeply in giving back. Aside from sponsoring community events such as concerts, barbecues, and parties, 411 Pain also contributes greatly to charity events throughout the nation. Two areas of focus in which 411 Pain has become a key factor are literacy campaigns and anti-bullying programs. 411 Pain is a huge proponent of the entire anti-bullying movement. They are a title sponsor of “The Prevention team”, an anti-bullying program that invites professional athletes to speak to and mentor kids on the importance of maintaining a “bully-free” mentality. 411 Pain is committed to giving back and helping others. They are extremely grateful to be in a position to positively change so many lives.
411 Pain has also become very involved in literacy programs for the youth. Since teaming with The Read and Rise Foundation, 411 Pain has donated tens of thousands of dollars to schools throughout the nation in sponsorship of book fairs for elementary school students. Through these types of events, 411 Pain has been able to supply kids who normally would not be able to purchase books, with certificates enabling them to take home five dollars worth of books. This is done in hopes of ensuring every child who attends leaves with a book.

411 Pain’s most recent strive for literacy was in the form of a visit to Martin Luther King Elementary School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 411 Pain donated a total of $2,125 for 425 students during this particular event. They accomplished a lot with their visit to Martin Luther King Elementary School. It was a very successful event. The students left with a completely new outlook on the importance of receiving a proper education, and a newfound passion to strive for academic excellence. The kids tend to be extremely appreciative, considering that other people they have never even met are so concerned with their futures. These events do more than just supply kids with reading material. They change lives.

411 Pain accomplishes a lot through their associations with both literacy campaigns and anti-bullying programs. They have vowed to give as much to their community as their community has given to them. With businesses in over 15 locations nationwide, now 411 Pain can expand their charity work to even more communities across the nation!  

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