Thursday, March 28, 2013

411 Pain Presents: The Truth About April Fool's Day

411 Pain Presents: The Truth About April Fool's Day

On April 1st, people traditionally play pranks and jokes on one another.
But why? When did this start and for what reason?

April Fool's Day is celebrated in England, France, Scotland and the USA. It began in England in the 1600s where an April Fool is called an April Noddy. In France it is the April Fish or poisson d'Avril. In Scotland, it is the April Gowk.

411 Pain found that one theory as to the origins of the holiday is the change to the Gregorian calendar that we use today. Under the old calendar, or Julian calendar, New Year's Day was celebrated at the Spring or Vernal Equinox at the end of March. Since this would sometimes coincide with Easter, the church changed New Year's to April 1st. In 1582 when the new calendar was adopted, some people would forget about the switch. Some people would pay their New Year's Day visits on the original day of April 1st knowingly and shout "April Fool" to those who forgot that this was not now the New Year!

To this day young children in the US will tell each other that their shoelaces are untied and then yell "April Fool" when the person looks down to see that they are not. Media play pranks as well. The late night talk radio show Coast To Coast AM tried to fool it's listeners one year by claiming that the show was now called Toast To Toast AM and was a cooking show instead of the paranormal show that it had been.

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411 Pain, the leader in road safety awareness wishes you a safe and fun April Fool's Day.
Remember: NEVER drink and drive, NEVER text and drive and ALWAYS wear your seatbelt!