Thursday, February 28, 2013

411 Pain Wants YOU To Save Money On Gas

411 Pain Wants YOU To Save Money On Gas

Even if you do not take a lot of road trips, you may be spending more than you need to on daily driving.

411-Pain has the following suggestions for saving you money at the pump:

1) Make sure your car is in good condition.
This includes getting a tune up and making sure your air filter is clean. You may be getting 10% less gas mileage if your filter is clogged.

2) Don't fill up until you're almost out.
Your car is lighter with the tank less full, thus getting more mileage out of your gas.

3) Make sure your gas cap is on tight to prevent unnecessary evaporation.

4) Find the lowest price before hand.
Driving around looking for cheap gas is using up your gas! Check prices online and call first to double check and make sure they're open for business.

5) Don't get your gas at the busy intersections or right next to the highway. There are often cheaper places a bit down the road.

6) Get things delivered.
Most things can be ordered online for cheaper, plus saving you money on gas by saving a trip.

7) Avoid the stops.
Even if a route is shorter, you will use more gas if there are a lot of stop signs or red lights.

8) Make sure your tires are fat.
Filling your tires to the maximum limit will give you better gas mileage.

9) Easy does it.
Accelerating slowly and rolling to a stop will use less gas then abrupt stop and go driving.

10) Keep your windows closed on the highway.
When driving at high speeds the air drag will reduce your gas mileage by 10%

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411 Pain reminds you to please:
never text and drive, never drink and drive and always wear your seat belt!