Monday, April 23, 2012

Japan’s Four Million Dollar Car Accident
Last year, a 14-car pileup happened in Japan near Hiroshima. Among these 14 vehicles were eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini and two Mercedes Benzes. Totaling an estimated four million dollars in damages, this was reported to be the most expensive car crash in Japanese history. Police believe excessive speeding caused the accident. A witness told the officers that the drivers were traveling at speeds over twice as fast as the set speed limit.
“In 1999, speeding was a contributing factor in 30 percent of all fatal crashes (” Nearly 13,000 lives were lost in speeding-related crashes that year. The NHTSA reports that speeding related crashes cause an estimated $28 billion in damages annually in the United States. Understanding the dangers involved, 75 percent of licensed drivers still admit to committing this offense regularly. 411 Pain strongly recommends adhering to the speed limit at all times. Not only is driving above the speed limit against the law, it can also be extremely dangerous. 411 Pain advises motorists to drive as cautiously as possible.
            Visit for more of the latest information on driver safety and accident news. Robert Lewin, owner of 411 Pain, reminds you not to drink and drive and to always wear your seatbelt. 

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