Friday, March 9, 2012

411 Pain Sponsors Local Book Fair.

Continuing their efforts to end illiteracy in America, 1-800-411-Pain visited Martin Luther King Elementary School on March 7, 2012 to sponsor the school’s book fair. Since collaborating with The Scholastic Read and Rise Literacy Campaign, 411 Pain has made a huge impact in the community. Children, such as those attending Martin Luther King Elementary, who would not normally be able to afford to purchase books on their own, are each given five dollar gift certificates. This is done in hopes of ensuring every child who attends leaves with a book.

411 Pain donated a total of $2,125 for 425 students. They accomplished a lot with their visit to Martin Luther King Elementary School. It was a very successful event. The students left with a completely new outlook on the importance of receiving a proper education, and a newfound passion to strive for academic excellence. 411 Pain is pleased to be of such service to their community, but is also very excited to be bringing about more national awareness of the shockingly high incidence of illiteracy nationwide.

1-800-411-PAIN is proud to continue our commitment to education,” said company owner Robert Lewin.

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