Monday, June 24, 2013

411 Pain - Small Cars Rock

411 Pain Small Cars Rock

Small cars have become very popular over the years.  There are many reasons why this is happening and mainly they are gas prices being off the chart, health care costs rising and unemployment or loss of wages on the increase.  I’m not trying to paint a pessimistic picture here but small cars aren’t luxury.  They are a necessity.  They are affordable, spend less on gasoline and help reduce traffic congestion and issues with parking space.  For help after a vehicle collision, contact 411 PAIN.

Automakers have found a way to meet their sales goals.  They are now creating smaller cars that provide as much comfort and attractiveness as the larger versions.  Ford, General Motors and Hyundai have an amazing selection of fully equipped compact cars available in a variety of colors and designs.  GM emerged from the ashes with a compact car and I’m pretty sure many other car manufacturers will greatly benefit from the production of small vehicles.

Other factors influencing the popularity of small cars are loss of wages and unemployment.  Although the unemployment rate has slightly dropped in 2013, there are still thousands of people that still continue to be unemployed since last year.  Sadly, many people quit looking for jobs.  That’s the reason why they were not counted as unemployed and the unemployment rate seems to have slightly dropped.  The other factor is salary.  Taking advantage of the bad economy, some companies decided to lower their salaries and hire younger people in order to pay less.  This, coupled with health insurance costs rising, forces many to operate smaller vehicles.

Small-car sales are definitely going to bit up larger vehicles sales.  Let’s face it.  It’s very annoying parking next to a truck or SUV.  Those things take up almost two parking spaces.  Dial 1-800-411-PAIN after a car crash in the state of Florida.